New Liberté Greek Extra-Creamy

Plainly perfect. Introducing our firmest, richest Greek yogourt. It’s the plain yogourt that inspires possibilities: enjoy it on its own or as the start of an inspired creation. Discover the taste of Liberté Greek Extra-Creamy yogourt today.

Greek 5% <br> extra-creamy
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Tasting notes Nasturtiums


Tasting notes


If you’ve ever planted Nasturtiums, you know they grow like weeds and produce an incredible abundance of flowers. But did you know they’re absolutely delicious to eat? They’ve got a surprising flavour that’s mildly mustardy or radishy, like watercress, making them a very beautiful and flavourful addition to green salads and cold summer soups. Nasturtiums are also wonderful in stir-fries and can be baked into fougasses and foccacias. Don’t forget to include them in your herb garden!

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Simply inspiring

Make it your new go-to for all your culinary adventures.

Greek 5% <br> extra-creamy
Greek 5% <br> extra-creamy

Greek 5%

Plainly perfect. Our firmest and richest Greek yogourt delivers all the protein of a typical Greek yogourt, and all the pleasure of a generous splash of added cream. Luscious, full-bodied, round and robust, its extra-creamy texture is matched by a dense, lush flavour and a lingering, round mouthfeel. Whether on its own, or as an ingredient, this one has it all. This could be your new favourite thing. Find more useful tips, and tell us what you think of our Greek Extra-Creamy 5% yogourt.